Grant Application Process

Florida Highway Traffic Safety Grant System         FY 2022 Highway Safety Concept Paper Instructions

Grant Application Schedule

February – FDOT State Safety Office revises grant solicitation notice and application as needed. Concept Papers due by the last business day of February.

March – FDOT State Safety Office distributes grant solicitation notice with a grant process timeline and link to the strategic plan.

April – At a TRCC meeting, Executive Board members prioritize and select proposals to be funded pending availability of Section 405c funds.

June – The TRCC Coordinator submits Florida Traffic Safety Information System Strategic Plan and required 405c documentation to the FDOT State Safety Office for inclusion in the Highway Safety Plan.

August thru September – FDOT State Safety Office distributes special grant solicitation notices at the discretion of the TRCC.

October 1 – Grant period begins.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides funding for traffic records improvements through the Section 405c grant program. Florida conducts an annual grant solicitation process starting in the spring for eligible applicants who must submit projects that advance the goals and objectives of Florida’s Traffic Safety Information System Strategic Plan. These goals are:

Goal 1 – Coordination: Provide ongoing coordination in support of multiagency initiatives and projects which improve traffic records information systems.

Goal 2 – Data Quality: Develop and maintain complete, accurate, uniform, and timely traffic records data.

Goal 3 – Integration: Provide the ability to link traffic records data.

Goal 4 – Accessibility: Facilitate access to traffic records data.

Goal 5 – Utilization: Promote the use of traffic records data.

Concept papers are accepted from January 1 through the last day of February for the next funding cycle. Refer to the State Safety Office Website for further instructions and Concept Paper examples.